Travel Concierge

This iPad experience takes travelers out of the typical tourist experience and helps them acheive a hyper-localized adventure. The Travel Concierge let's visitors browse a curated list of bars, restaurants, shops, and sites within walking distance of their visited location. Users can save destinations to create a shareable, custom itinerary and make reservations to create a unique and memorable experience.

Product: iPad App
Industry: Travel
Agency: Punchkick Interactive
Roles: Information Architecture, UX/Interaction Design, Interface Design


Featured in 150+ Hotel Locations


The application involves browsing through locations in order to create an travel itinerary. The project began with a study in concept development; Three designs were wired out to portray the concept of the main view, which allow users to explore destinations in a visual and interactive interface.


Once a concept was chosen, visuals were created to embody the brand's new aesthetic, geared toward the Millenial demographic. The fashion in which destinations are displayed are based off of visuals from the brand's latest campaign. In the first concept, various images are layered to create a collage-like style, which evolved into a more sophisticated grid of images in horizontal rows.

Wires mockupWires mockup

As the visual design of the app main view was finalized, the feature set of the app was wired out fully to ensure all backlog items were accounted for. Features included a login process including user creation, browsing views, and the ability to save items and create a PDF itinerary.

iPads 1iPads 1