Travel Concierge

The Problem
Our client, a fortune-level hospitality company, had gone through a rebrand of one of their luxury hotels. With a new identity which revolved around the millenial lifestyle traveler, the client was looking to launch a digital experience that would elevate the brand's perception and appeal to their new target demographic in a unique way. 

The Solution
Our team developed a travel concierge iPad app that would give guests an authentic, "local" experience. With a goal of appealing to guests who appreciated unique culinary and social experiences, the app was built to reside in each bar's hotel. Guests could access the app on-site to browse neighborhood destinations and create a custom itinerary for their stay at the hotel. Consulting regularly with our key stakeholders, we produced an customer-targeted experience which is aligned with the new brand's unique aesthetic. Currently available in 150+ hotel locations, the application has been localized and translated for locations around the world.

Product: iPad App
Industry: Hospitality & Travel
Agency: Punchkick Interactive
Roles: Information Architecture, UX/Interaction Design, Interface Design



Understanding the Target Customer
In order to fully comprehend the needs of product, we participated in a multi-day workshopping session to understand the brand's new personas, customer journey map,and brand essence. Focusing on the personas, we identified that these target guests are drawn to craft products and unique experiences. We also learned that the guest in the business traveller persona often spends time in the hotel bar. With this knowlege, we brainstormed the idea for a product that would be available in the bar to help make single guests have a more lively stay with a curated library of food, drink, and cuture recommendations.


Concept Development
With the product goal determined, we began ideating features for the backlog. We conceptualized an iPad application which allowed for browsing locations of four categories: Food, drink, shopping, and sightseeing. With the goal of creating a travel itinerary, the user would need to view details about destinations and add them to their schedule. Beginning with a study in navigation, I iterated on several wireframes to portray the concept of the main view, which allow users to explore destinations in a visual and interactive interface. Keeping the target demographic in mind, I based many of the concepts on common browsing paradigms seen in multimedia applications.


User Experience
Proposing an image-heavy concept, I drafted an experience that lets users easily browse each of the four categories. With the general navigation determine, I began connecting the rest of the feature backlog to the home view so that users could get to their various functions in a minimal number of taps. Additional functionality 
included an account creation, admin login, destination browsing, and the ability to save items and create a PDF itinerary.


Interface Design
The app's interface was created to embody the brand's new aesthetic, geared toward the Millenial demographic. The fashion in which destinations are displayed is based on visuals from the brand's latest campaign. Images and textures are layered in a staggered formation to create a sophisticated yet lively collage-like style. With rich yet subtle textures and an elegant muted color palette, the design is able to focus on an authentic photo-first visual. The fully developed application is a streamlined experience which is helping to elevate the image for one of the world's most popular hospitality brands.

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