Shuteye: Sleep Health

The Problem
Our client, an internationally know healthcare facility, had gathered a library of helpful data and content are sleep health. The client wanted to educate users on healthy living while also gathering information for additional research.

The Solution
Our team created a proof of concept for 'Shuteye,' a digital product that helps clinic patients live healthier lifestyles by creating better sleep habits. Shuteye integrates with an IoT tracker and iPhone's HealthKit to identify key data points about users' sleep, promoting better daily routines. B
y pairing with wearable technology, the app reminds users of their goals throughout the day and allows them to set bedtime preferences for smart appliances using HomeKit. Using machine learning, the application can make recommendations for improved behaviour and suggest content to help users improve their sleep habits.

Product: IoT, iOS + Apple Watch
Industry: Healthcare
Agency: Punchkick Interactive

Concept Strategy
UX Design
Interface Design


iPhone POC
The team began strategizing uses for converting our client's sleep health content to a practical application, while simultaneously delivering them sleep data for research. We decided that the best way to make content useful was to curate it based on data tracked from the IoT, HealthKit, or user input. This would also allow our client to collect the health data on the product users.

Shuteye WiresShuteye Wires

iPhone Interface: Data Visualizations
For the app's main interface, I designed a dashboard that features data visualizations of the user's tracked statistics.The data in the dashboard revolves around the user's sleep quality, which is tracked during user sleep through an iOT such as a FitBit. The data is visualized through number of sleep cycles and gives the user a nightly sleep score. Users can tap into other modules with data taken from HealthKit, such as heart rate and physical activity. They can also manually enter information, furthering the accuracy of sleep stats based on factors such as caffeine intake, mood, and more. 

Shuteye 1Shuteye 1

User-Centered Benefit
Based on the sleep data drawn, users are given recommendations of resources from the client's database, such as literature and health tips. Users can also create custom checklists to help themsevles foster better sleep habits their own way. The app also integrates with HomeKit, allowing users to set preferences to their smart home, such as gradually dimming lights to encourage earlier sleep times.

Shuteye 2Shuteye 2

Apple Watch POC
The team created an additional POC for an Apple Watch component that sends the user data-based notifications. Bedtime alerts and healthy habit reminders are sent to the user's device based on activity from the day. The device can also collect qualitative information by prompting the user to input mood or energy level.

Shuteye 3Shuteye 3