Shuteye: Sleep Health

The Shuteye app helps our client's patients live a healthier lifestyle by creating better sleep habits. Shuteye integrates with an IoT tracker and iPhone's HealthKit to give users data about their sleep, promoting better daily routines. By pairing with wearable technology, the app also reminds users of their goals throughout the day, and allows them to set bedtime preferences for HomeKit products such as automatically dimming lights.

Product: IoT, iOS + Apple Watch
Industry: Healthcare
Agency: Punchkick Interactive
Roles: UX Design, Interface Design


The app's main interface shows a dashboard featuring data visualizations of the various stats tracked from the IoT, HealthKit, and user input. Users can see a graph of their sleep quality based on number of sleep cycles, and can tap into modules to view more information. They can also manually alter information, letting them see stats based on a number of factors from cups of coffee drank to whether or not they went to the gym. The bottom tab bar allows users to view additional resources from the client's database, such as literature and health recommendation checklists.

Shuteye 1Shuteye 1
Shuteye 2Shuteye 2
Shuteye 3Shuteye 3

The Apple Watch component sends the user data-based notifications, such as bedtime alerts and healthy habit reminders. The device also can collect qualitative information by prompting the user to input mood or energy level.