Memory Manager

Our fortune-level computer hardware client wanted to create an app that would allow it's Android users to easily transfer data between phone storage and external memory. This management app would sync with five cloud services and a variety of hardware products created by the client's brand. By strategizing an artificially intelligent algorithm, we were able to design a product that could optimize internal memory by automatically transferring seldom used files to external locations. The app also acted as a file browser, allowing users to view, copy, and move files manually.

Product: Android App
Industry: Computer Hardware
Agency: Punchkick Interactive
Roles: Design Strategy, Information Architecture, UX/Interaction Design, Interface Design, App Branding


Info ArchInfo Arch

I began the design phase with a study in information architecture. The flow chart above outlines all of the backlogged features that the team validated as desirable to our target user. 

In order to understand what would give the user the optimal experience, we facilitated a series of user testing sessions, including interviews, feature card sorting, A/B design concept validation.


Once I determined how all of the features would be connected in the app, I began wireframing concepts to simply an somewhat complicated onboarding process. Because the app's goal is to optimize phone storage, the onboarding flow needed to learn about the users habits of saving and storing files.


Once I had determined the overall navigation structure, I began integrating individual features into the app experience. Utilizing Android best practices, I was able to create an easy to understand file structure with action-based paradigms that were familiar to users.

Sandisk 1Sandisk 1

After several more rounds of iterative prototyping, I began to add in user interface elements to the improved wireframes. Using Google's Material Design as a base, I was able to create elements that would appeal to our target user. With it's connotation of memory, I created an app icon involving a squirrel motif, with the app name's monogram "MZ" hidden within.

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